• About the Foundation


Chairman:                                              Giel Janssen
Secretary:                                              Peter Markus
Treasurer:                                              John van de Perre
Communication:                                  Bas van Oevelen, Mariette Vos
working group CONSTRUCTION:    Peter de Kok, Arn van der Vorst
Working group CONTENT:                Nico Hooyschuur, Annette van de Meene, Hans Stumpel

The Board of the Bergen op Zoom Visitor Center for Military Fields of Honour is supported by the Committee of Recommendation.

Committee of Recommendation

Ms. Lisa Helfand, Ambassador of Canada to the kingdom of the Netherlands
Drs. J.M.M. Polman, King’s Commissioner in the Province of Zeeland
Drs. E.H.Th.M Nijpels, among others Crown member of the Social Economic Council
Mr. J.J.C. Adriaansen, Mayor of the municipality of Woensdrecht
Mr. dr. F.A. Petter, Mayor of the municipality of Bergen op Zoom
Mr. R.P. van den Belt, MBA, Mayor of the Municipality of Steenbergen
Lieutenant-General retired ir. Emile van Duren
Mr. P.A.C.M. van der Velden, former Mayor of the municipalities of Bergen op Zoom and Breda, among others
Mr G. Bekaert, Area Director Western Europe Area-Central, Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Mr. drs. D.H. Zandee – Head of Knowledge Group Security, Netherlands Institute for International Relations “Clingendael”

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