The Bergen op Zoom Visitor Center for Military Fields of Honour works closely with the Brabantse Wal Liberation Foundation.
This foundation does not only focus on the Second World War. She also finds it important to bring the lessons of the Second World War to the present day. Tension in society and in the world is increasing. That is why the foundation has formulated a core message, which is inspired by a statement from 2014 by the King’s Commissioner in Noord-Brabant, Prof. Dr. Wim van de Donk: “freedom is a verb”. Based on this judgment, SBBW uses the following core message:

“Living in peace and freedom is a great good that cannot be taken for granted. Freedom requires great responsibility on the part of every individual and peace and freedom must be constantly worked on. Everyone living in the Netherlands must be aware that the achievements surrounding our freedom have required great sacrifices “.

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