Dilemma Doolhof in Bergen op Zoom officially opened.

Brabant Remembers makes the impact of the Second World War tangible and palpable with an interactive art installation.

The Dilemma Doolhof has officially been opened in Bergen op Zoom. This interactive art installation presents visitors with profound choices in conflict situations from the past and the present. During a walk through the Dilemma Maze, the impact of the Second World War is made tangible and palpable, and passed on to younger generations. The Dilemma Doolhof is a concept by Mothership and one of the iconic projects from the Brabant Remembers program in the march towards the celebration of 75 years of liberation of the Netherlands in 2020.
The official opening took place in the presence of Canadian ambassador Sabine Nölke, King’s Commissioner of the Province of North Brabant Wim van de Donk, mayor Bergen op Zoom Frank Petter, chairman of the Crossroads Brabant ’40 -’45 Foundation Ton Rombouts and program director Brabant Remembers Femke Klein. The maze will remain at this location for at least one year and from today it is freely accessible from 8.30 am until sunset, and in the summer until 9 pm.
Life-Defining Choices
The Dilemma Maze revolves around experiences that have changed lives forever and aims to touch people today with the turning points of the past. The storylines in the Dilemma Doolhof, written by theater maker and script writer Patrick Feijen, are inspired by choices from Brabant Remembers’ personal Brabant war stories.

The Maze
The Dilemma Maze consists of white crosses that refer to the “fields of honor” where fallen soldiers from World War II are buried. The choice that visitors make at each intersection in the maze determines the continuation of the story and thus the way through the maze. The sober design, free from images and other stimuli, makes a visit to the Dilemma Maze extra intense. The storylines are performed and can be experienced in both Dutch and English.

Intensive cooperation
The Dilemma Doolhof is part of a Brabant-wide program and the (inter) national Brabant Remembers campaign. The art installation was developed by Mothership in collaboration with v-fund, Brouhaha, Heijmans, the Province of Noord-Brabant, the municipality of Bergen op Zoom and the Crossroads ’40 -’45 Foundation.

visiting address
Ruytershoveweg; 4622 RJ Bergen Op Zoom (set navigation to Bergen op Zoom Canadian Cemetery)

Website: https://www.brabantremembers.com/dilemmadoolhof

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